Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cost of Saving a Tooth with Root Canal

If you are curious what the cost of root canal in Singapore is, then you might be comforted by the fact that although it is quite costly, the benefits of saving a tooth using root canal are cost-efficient. A simple front tooth that needs to be treated with a root canal procedure costs around 200 dollars. On the other hand, a molar that needs to have root canal done can cost up to 800 dollars.  The same rate goes for a back tooth because of the complexity of the tooth’s location. These prices are merely estimates but of course, every case presentation of the patient varies, and so does the cost of a root canal treatment. Dentists may charge significantly less for one tooth over the other given the severity of the tooth.

You might ask, why should I bother myself with the cost of root canal in Singapore when I can just have my tooth in question pulled? Although extractions cost quite cheaper than a root canal treatment, having an extraction means creating a disturbance with your other teeth. It may cause some of your teeth to move or produce an overgrowth given the space caused by your tooth extraction. Instability of the general dental arch is what a lot of dentists pray not to happen to their patient’s teeth because all sorts of dental instability spring from there.

Another reason why you should push for a root canal treatment is that it does not cause so much pain and agony as what others would retaliate. Thanks to technology that we have today, root canal treatments are virtually painless all throughout the session. They say that root canal treatments before made big men cry, but today, anyone can simply wing a root canal session with no tears at all. With the local anesthetic injected to numb the area, a patient can last virtually painless for 2 straight hours. Likewise, if the tooth that is about to be saved with a root canal is not that complex; the entire session can last up to less than 2 hours. Although a mild discomfort can be felt once the local anesthetic wears out after the procedure, simple pain relievers and analgesics can quickly combat the discomfort felt. If you have undergone a wisdom tooth extraction or a tooth filling, then you can nail a root canal treatment like a pro.

At the end of the day, a root canal treatment is easily prevented by simply following a strict and healthy oral hygiene. Regular teeth brushing, flossing and gargling with mouthwash can help us save a lot of dollars from rather costly dental procedures. Likewise, a regular visit to the dentist can spell a lot of difference as your dentist can immediately identify whether you have any pressing dental concerns that need to be addressed immediately. If you regularly see your dentist, you can have your tooth or teeth in question fixed immediately on the get go. Never take healthy and proper oral hygiene for granted. While the cost of root canal treatment in Singapore is relatively affordable, you can live your life not going through it with just a strict adherence to sound oral hygiene practice.